When everything else bores You – Go play Keno

Poker, slots, lotto and blackjack fans…we’re going to start by apologizing upfront, because this article isn’t about you. No, really. We love poker. We enjoy slots a lot. And there’s something sweet about battling the dealer for blackjack glory. But this isn’t about those things, because today we’re going to talk about keno.

Now, we know that we’re dedicated to your pet game, and that’s totally okay. We want you to enjoy the entire world of gambling though, from slots to poker to everything else. So sometimes we have to take the scenic route and look at keno.


This game is absolutely one of the most ancient gambling approaches around. It’s believed that the Chinese played the game over 3000 years ago, just under a different name. The Han Dynasty is where the game of keno originated, where 120 symbols were used instead of 80 numbers. It was created to raise money to finish off a war, and then later to build other things. But most of these stories include some level of legend or myth, so we’re not convinced it’s really true.

Keno as we know it was brought to the US by the Chinese in the early 1900s, just with the characters converted to numbers. After all, Americans couldn’t read Chinese and there was too much money at stake to risk them exiting the game.

It’s easy to play keno if you know how to get started. All you have to do is pick your numbers and place your wager. If you play online, you’ll have a big card with a long row of numbers. Depending on where you play, you’ll get to pick up to 10 numbers. Your ticket costs the same whether you pick only one number, or the maximum amount of numbers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bet the full limit of numbers on every ticket. Don’t want to spend time picking numbers? Let the computer pick them for you. It doesn’t change your odds at all, and you can play faster this way.

The more you bet in keno, the more that you can win, but you need to realize that all of those wagers can add up, especially if you’re going to play more games at once.

Online casinos are keen on offering keno because players grow to love the game. It has elements of slot play and bingo mixed in, along with a pinch of roulette. It doesn’t take long to figure out whether or not you’ve won something in keno, making it a great fit for impatient players.

So, are you going to take the keno plunge? You should, and there are even bonuses casinos give out for trying on the game. Check it out when you have a minute or three to spare!

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