Ten Important Casino Gambling Tips

Players make hundreds of decisions every time they gamble in a casino. Most of them do not even realise the importance of these decisions and the impact they will have on their chances of winning. Decisions made correctly will put players in that group of a select few who know how to win!

No self employed person, business owner or corporate player would take any major tip without first having made the necessary research, planning and preparation. Why is it then that most people think they can just go and start gambling with any planning or preparation? It is not just about having fun. There is real money involved here!

Players can have more fun if they prepare themselves properly for a gambling session. They can then play AND win!

1st Tip – Choosing the Casino

Players should “shop” for the “best deal” Casino, that one that is giving out the best complimentary items and that has the best odds. The player could also open up a line of credit with the Casino and let them know how much he intends to play. The Casino may at this stage spring for the players’ room and dinner. By minimising his expenses, the player gives himself a higher probability of coming home with a win.

2nd Tip – Game and Strategy Selection

Players will optimize their chances of winning by playing blackjack, craps, roulette or baccarat. The reasoning here is that excepting for roulette, the house percentage against the player is +- 1% (less than that on slots or other table games)

  • Blackjack  – Learn the basic strategy for playing each hand against any dealer up-card. This strategy can be found in most Blackjack books such as “Blackjack: A Winner’s Handbook” or “Casino Gambling”.
  • Craps – More exciting and intense than Blackjack. Players should stick to line bets with double odds and make 1 or 2 come bets, or instead of come bets, they could place the 6 and 8. The high percentage proposition bets in the middle of the table are very tempting, and just that… a tempt. Stay away or land up loosing any accumulated wins! Craps is a simple game that only looks very complicated. The basic rules can be found in any book on Casino gambling.
  • Roulette – Roulette is a tad more complicated and here a player could do with getting to know and understand the dealer’s signature or repetitious  pattern of spinning the wheel and releasing the ball. (6th Tip)
  • Baccarat – A simple, simple game where the player either bets on the players’ hand or the bankers’ hand, which are played out in keeping with house set rules.The player keeps a score card and records the wins and losses. A pattern can usually be picked up – choppy or streaky, and then bet on when they will end or continue.

3rd Tip – Bankroll and Betting Amounts

Budgeting is of utmost importance in any business – small or large.  A players gambling session should be seen as exactly that… a business session that requires a budget that must be prepared, set and adhered to, dependant on the level of risk one is comfortable with, and the availability of funds. It is wise to breakdown the budget into units of play –  ie: a 200 unit bankroll will give a fair amount of play. Aggressive gamblers may use that in one bet, though as a rule of thumb then, if the bankroll is $1000, then the basic betting unit is $5. Higher units reduces the chance of losing, fewer units reduces a players chances of winning.  The amount of time played is also an important consideration.

4th Tip – Set out a Schedule of Play

A Casino is not just for gambling. There are many other activities that can be undertaken, and players should set out or plan a schedule of playing sessions around certain “events” or other activities. That way players also do not get “caught  up” in the play straight away and have time to set aside from the game as well.

5th Tip – Casino Layout

The layout of a casino is a fascinating science. The promotions and marketing of various games and specials are mesmerizing, the lights, the people, the girls, the vibrant colours and cacophony of sound from the slots! It can be overwhelming, drawing players in without leaving them a moment to think and get their bearings. Well, job well done. That is the point of course. However, when arriving at a Casino, spend a couple of minutes walking around getting a feel for the place, the layout of the machines and the tables. Observe the games and the gamblers before sitting down and joining in..

6th Tip – Table Selection

Some players find this to be the hardest Tip of them all. Others don’t even think about it and just sit at the first table they come across with an open seat. Table selection is however very important in the winning gamblers strategy and in increasing his odds.

  • Blackjack – The player should observe other players at the table – look at their winnings, multiple bet strategies and the chips in front of them. A non-random shuffle contributes to both the players and dealer winning.Avoid obvious losing tables, where the players have few chips, single-chip bets, and a morose attitude.  If playing the shoe game, avoid the open table; why is it that the players all left a fabulous dealer!
  • Craps – As above, because craps tables also have winning and losing cycles. Watch for a dealer or shooter with a controlled throw (who can set the dice on certain numbers and throws with the same form and motion each time). Betting on a shooter with dice control skills and an edge over the house – way to go!  The book “Casino Gambling” has over 6 chapters on craps and dice control.
  • Roulette – Great tip! Look at a diagram of a roulette wheel and choose a lucky number.  Memorize the 2 numbers on either side of it on the wheel, not on the layout – ie: 17 with 32 and 5. Look at the electronic display boards showing the history of the game, and choose the roulette table where 4 or more of these 3 numbers show up. This is the dealers signature and will give the player a possible edge over the next few spins. The player can then bet a chip on each number straight up. If he does not get a win within 4 spins, walk away. Should he win, on the following 3 spins, the player must bet on the same 3 numbers plus those 180 degrees opposite on the wheel, ie: for the 17:  18, 6 and 31. Conservative players can make 3 split bets: 5/6, 17/18 and 31/32.  Aggressive players can bet chips straight up on each of the 6 numbers. This is pure hit-and-run! So walk when won!

7th Tip – Upping the Bet

The Biggie! Never let this be an emotional Tip! Do not chase losses or bet too heavily when winning (especially when playing craps! and the hot shot sevens out). Betting is like the Art of War. Bet up on a series of wins to solidify winnings.

Conservative Player Progression –  1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5-6-6

Aggressive Player Progression – 1-1-2-2-2-4-4-4-8-8-8.

Bets can and must only be increased by a unit level, on each successive win on even money bets – Blackjack, Craps pass line, Baccarat or Roulette outside bets. When the player incurs a loss, he should revert to a 1-unit bet and begin again. The progressions above are very worthwhile for accumulating profits on a winning streak, and also protecting these profits.

The extent of upping or progression must be decided before the player starts playing or betting, so that it remains an unemotional Tip. Note that each progression gets the player a 12-unit profit after 6 successive wins, which is really very good play! Winning streaks do happen, but pick a reasonable level to reach, and then back off again to a 1-unit bet. If in a indecisive directionless game, the best option is to play a mild up-when-lose progression, e.g.  1-2-4, and revert to a 1-unit bet on any win or after losing 3 in a row.

8th Tip – Leaving the Table

How long does it take to get out of a losing business / venture / partnership? A plan is required before one starts losing!

  • Depart on a Stop-loss – Before starting a game or playing, the player must determine how many betting units he is prepared to lose before he will walk away.  Rule of thumb is between 6 and 10 – ie: if betting with $25 chips, leave the game when down $150. Cut losses. Walk away.
  • Depart on a Stop-win – This is the opposite obviously, though a  trailing stop-loss can also make this Tip – ie: When the player accumulates a win, that is 50% of his bankroll, he should then divide his chips into 3 even piles, and only bet off 1 pile, using the chips he wins to keep the piles even. When he loses, he will only bet the chips from 1pile, and when that pile is gone, well… the stop-loss kicks in. Walk away. The player though walks away with 2 piles – 1 being his bankroll, the other his winnings.

9th Tip – Documenting Playing Results

A simple notebook to keep tabs of winnings and losses and any comments can be quite handy when wanting to reconstruct events or actions from a session.

10th Tip – Terminating a Playing Session – Why stop playing?

  • A players’ optimal session time is after +- 90 minutes of play. A break is necessary to keep perspective.
  • Sleep. Fatigue results in poor Tip making and judgment, both resulting in poor play , resulting in losses.

And there you have it. 10 great Tips that will make any player a winner while having fun. Go out and be a Hero!

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